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‪#‎extremistEricPaulsen‬ : The Real EXTREMIST

‪#‎extremistEricPaulsen‬ : The Real EXTREMIST
After so long, how is ‪#‎extremistEricPaulsen‬ is still scot free and keep mouthing off?
Is this the same fellow from Lawyers 4 Liberty calling for moderation and harmony? They are so full of bovine excrement, aren't they.
But one 'penceroboh' from a Malay and the whole world goes berserk and racists chants are everywhere (not even a pinch of regard to the historical facts staring them in their faces)
Siapa yg rasis extremist anti-islam anti-keharmonian anti-perlembagaan sebenarnya ni?
Abu Hanzalah


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