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Message To Obama! Our sovereignty and national pride is not for sale

Message To Obama! Our sovereignty and national pride is not for sale
Lawatan Obama 2014 juga telah bertemu mereka, tahun ini pula (lawatan 2015). Obama sekali lagi bertemu dengan wakil-wakil pertubuhan sivil ini dalam satu perjumpaan tertutup.Antara yang hadir adalah Pengerusi Bersih 2.0, Maria Chin Abdullah, Ambiga selaku wakil Negaraku, Cynthia Gabriel, Nisha Ayub, Justice for Sisters Group, juga kelihatan, Premesh CEO Malaysiakini. Mereka-mereka ini jika kita ingat berada juga dalam koalisi COMANGO dan juga BERSIH

Kenapa Obama jumpa Ambiga, Sister-In-Islam dll ?

Apakah objektif sebenar perbincangan Presiden AS bersama pimpinan NGO pro-AS dalam pertemuan tertutup ini?

Let Us Send A Clear Message To Obama!

Mr Obama, when you met the eight insignificant Malaysian civil society leaders on the sidelines of the Asean Summit recently, we clearly understood your intentions.

So please hear us out, too, the rest of Malaysians and Muslims in Malaysia.

“We want to send a clear message that your meeting with them only confirms the long held belief that you are not concerned with the overall interests of Malaysians. Those whom you specifically choose do not represent what Malaysians want and what Muslims want. Heck, they do not represent even 1% of Malaysians. Of course, you will definitely speak to those who share your ideals and agenda but please be reminded that the rest of Malaysians and Muslims do not share your ideals and agenda.”

“We want to send a strong message that TPPA is/was all about American interests and nothing else, as you explicitly stated in your address live to the Americans recently. All the terms, conditions and phrases were drafted specifically with the interests of American and the United States in mind. It was never your intention nor your government that other countries should have a level playing field in the negotiations. We need not be rocket scientists to see what’s behind those fine prints.”

“We want to send an explicit message that our sovereignty and national pride is not for sale. Nor is it part of the bargaining chip to be gambled away by our leaders or negotiators while your bloodied knife is at their throats.”

“We want to send a unequivocal message that we do not need your American/Western wisdom to teach us about freedom of the press, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly. Please don’t preach to us what you failed to uphold in your own country.”

“We want to emphasise our belief that the basic universal values that you are trying to sell to those minority groups is devoid of religious basis, as far as Muslims and the Malaysian Constitution are concerned. Islam is the religion of the Federation and it is also the cornerstone of the Muslims’ universal values and psyche. 

Your civilization and culture has long abandoned Allah (God) and you have banished any resemblance of religious authority to the realm of personal and private relationship between the Creator and the created. Your basis and premise upon which the edifice of morals, values, virtues and innate moral compass has left out Allah (God) and religion out of the picture. So please confine your basic universal values to your own continent and hemisphere. We will nevertheless respect, deal and engage with you as Allah commands us, not as guided by your dictates and opinions.”

“We want to advice you to look at your hands and ponder deeply whose bloods have they besmeared with. We want you to remember Vietnam, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Afghanistan, Somalia, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Palestine to name a few while you admire your presidential hands. You have inherited the bloodied history of the American founding fathers! And you have shamed their current descendants!”

“We want to politely and gently remind you that Malaysia is a great place to visit, as it would fondly reignite your memories of Indonesia. This region we call Nusantara Melayu (Malay Archipelago) has been greatly blessed with Islam. And through the teachings of Islam, we welcome you to partake in our hospitality, generosity and warmth. But once you try to invade our intrinsic ingrained values and norms with your godless notions of how we should live our lives, you are treading on forbidden territory. If the Red indians highly valued and respected their ancestral burial grounds, we the Muslims value our Islamic values and national integrity and pride more than you can ever imagine.”

So Mr Obama, let your presence here be sealed with fond memories.

Please do not soil our beloved motherland called Malaysia with your brand of hollow values after your plane has lifted off.
We are much more enlightened than what you take us for!

Mohd Luttfi
President, I-Peguam Malaysia


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